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VOCANTO offers a multitude of functions.

Are you looking for a simple and effective system that your students will also have lots of fun with?
With VOCANTO you get unlimited access to all the material featuring content that is visually attractive and easily understood. A class function facilitates the structuring of the classroom material. This way you can subdivide your classes and evaluate learning progress.

Interactive animations

VOCANTO offers detail-rich animations on every subject.
For example, students of yours might be disassembling equipment and machinery into their individual parts.
Moreover, technical procedures can be studied step-by-step. Complex technical effects are made understandable through their interactions and are thus easier to commit to memory.


Thanks to compact learning units of maximum 15 minutes, you can individually design your instruction. A search using key words helps to quickly locate the desired subjects.

Available soon:

Assessments in real time

Assess the progress of your students. This feature allows you to get an immediate overview of the strengths and weaknesses in your classes and also helps you provide targeted support for individual students.


The system offers a huge archive of visually attractive teaching material for the automotive and electrical engineering areas. This material is being continuously expanded and kept up-to-date and state-of-the-art.
VOCANTO is oriented on general syllabuses currently in use and arranges its training units in line with the learning fields used by training institutions.