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Flexible learning - to achieve better results

Let's be honest: nobody likes being called a teacher's pet. But you have to admit getting good grades is fun. It’s something you can take pride in and it's a fair reward for all your hard work. No one wants to fail their exams - and wouldn't you rather have the recognition of your teachers, parents, friends and superiors? With VOCANTO you decide how you wish to learn - anytime and anywhere.

Complex systems clearly explained

Our practical e-learning platform can be browsed from any device. You simply log in with your access data and start your individually tailored program. Our learning units feature an especially vivid graphic component. This means: less text and easy-to-understand 3D animations. It really does not get any easier to understand complex systems. And if you don't grasp it the first time around, just repeat the unit a second or third time. That is the perfect way to prepare for your examinations.

Online tool saves time so that you can pursue your hobbies

Along the way you can take care of another matter - your report booklet. Have you also spent a Sunday afternoon filling out your report booklet, while your friends were out enjoying their free time? Those days are over! With VOCANTO your report booklet is always up-to-date. You can simply fill in whatever you have done that day online - while riding home on the bus or sitting on a park bench. It is really just that easy, try it!

The advantages of VOCANTO at a glance

Mobile use on the go

Using your account you can log in to VOCANTO from virtually anywhere and learn on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Learning progress can be compared

Learn with a group of friends in small groups and use the special program levels to compare your progress with theirs.

Simplified reporting

Your report booklet is always up-to-date because it can easily be maintained anywhere and anytime.

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