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Your future is in the hands of your trainees

This is how you get talented and motivated individuals excited about your company

In order to recruit the most promising talent for your company and provide them with the optimum training, you need to offer them the best training conditions. This is the only way to ensure that you will acquire the best qualified applicants and that they will develop as trainees into valuable assets of your team.

Adapting learning material and simplifying administration

VOCANTO permits customisation of training content. Together we assess your strategic direction, your positioning within the industry, your status as experts and much more, in order to tailor the individual learning units to your needs. The use of VOCANTO is particularly straightforward: even without any IT experience you can create a group with only a few clicks. This means a significant improvement in time efficiency for administration.

Easily keep report booklets up-to-date - and enjoy your free time

Our practical report booklet function is a feature which, more than anyone else, makes your trainees happy. After all: filling out, updating and submitting reports has never been easier than with VOCANTO. In no time flat your trainees can enter what they have learned each day and the information is passed on directly to the instructor. This means there is still time after work to have fun and pursue hobbies.

The advantages of VOCANTO for industrial clients at a glance:

Individual set-up

You manage all the students in appropriate groups and adapt the learning material accordingly.

In-house further education and training

You implement further education and training measures in your company and provide training for your staff.

Reporting on the go

Your trainees can maintain their report booklets easily and from any device, leaving them more time and energy for essentials.

See for yourself the many advantages of VOCANTO for industrial clients.

Test our intuitive e-learning platform and discover how we use well-conceived animations to break down complex material to make it easier to understand.

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