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The e-learning platform for a better understanding of complicated topics

How trainees and apprentices enrich your team

Many small and medium-size companies and businesses put a great deal of time and energy into their trainees. After all, it is not always easy for companies in industry and trade or machine-building to find skilled employees. The smaller the team, the more important it is to totally integrate the trainee as a permanent member of the team in day-to-day work.

Interactive animations and compact learning units

With modern e-learning platforms like VOCANTO you can make sure your trainees keep up with their contemporaries at big industrial corporations. We teach relevant material with the aid of interactive animations, which explore and visualise vividly even the most complex subjects. Small learning units lasting no longer than 10-15 minutes ensure that students remain attentive and capable of absorbing all of the material.

Keep track of your trainees' progress

Your in-house training officer can keep track of each person's training progress at any time. The scalable aspect of this solution permits each trainee's learning progress to be called up and results to be compared. This is not a pure control feature but more of a tool to facilitate open and motivational discussions with the trainee in question and to eliminate any potential knowledge gaps or weaknesses.

The advantages of VOCANTO at a glance

Traceable progress

No matter where and when your trainees are learning: you can always keep track of their progress.

Effective learning units

Our learning units last a maximum of 15 minutes and are very well illustrated. This boosts learning success significantly.

Simplified reporting

The fully integrated report booklet facilitates work reports for your trainees and saves time for the essentials.

See for yourself the advantages of VOCANTO for smaller companies and businesses.

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