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The smart learning programme for a boost in learning performance

Well equipped for day-to-day work in vocational schools

The job of vocational school teachers is not always so easy: While some students enjoy the units in the classroom and actively participate, for others the theoretical work requires a lot of concentration and is very challenging. With VOCANTO you can use modern learning methods to breathe fresh life into your teaching and optimise your lesson preparation.

Get the most out of each and every student

VOCANTO covers every aspect of the general syllabus and simplifies lesson preparation significantly. Group administration also gives you an overview on the progress of the entire class and on each and every student. This is how you can manage to serve the needs of all your students in equal measure. You can build on this to tailor your teaching so as to go deeper into specific topics or to assign homework accordingly.

Innovative 3D animations boost motivation

The e-learning platform VOCANTO contains all the experiments of the Lucas-Nülle training systems and provides a practical print function of all practical exercises with and without solutions. The interactive learning units not only improve the understanding of complex interrelationships but they also make sure your students have fun completing them. The vivid animations help bring about that famous ‘eureka effect’ among your students - which is a huge boost in motivation and known to also be reflected in students' test results.

The advantages of VOCANTO for schools at a glance:

1. Optimised instruction preparation

VOCANTO covers the general syllabus and simplifies lesson planning.

2. Transparent work performance

Special reporting features permit the teacher to assist students individually and thus attain improved test and exam results.

3. Motivational learning units

Interactive learning units with graphic animations ensure better classroom performance and a lot more fun.

See for yourself just what advantages VOCANTO has to offer schools.

Test our intuitive e-learning platform and discover how we use well-conceived animations to break down complex material to make it easier to understand.

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