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Not every company has its own training facilities in which their trainees can be offered career-relevant training and further education. For this reason, many companies put their trust in external chamber of trade and commerce, guilds or other institutions for industry-wide training. These frequently profit from a treasure-trove of experience. However, in this age of digitalisation it is important that subject matter be taught using modern and flexible programs.

Establish your facility as a cutting-edge training institute

With the e-learning platform VOCANTO, essential training content can be taught faster and more successfully. This is how you can meet the expectations companies have of you: They would like to obtain the very best training opportunities for their trainees. With the help of our 3D models it is possible explore the training material in a deeper and more systematic fashion. Pupils and trainees achieve a well-grounded foundation in the job training while at the same time boost their performance in the company.

Scalable results improve your offering

The scalable solution from VOCANTO allows you to reach the same uniform and transparent level of knowledge for all participants at all times. You can compare performance levels of all your students with each other and, if needed, provide measures for more advanced training. With VOCANTO you can enhance your excellent reputation in the sector and ensure that companies and businesses trust you and your training methods - not only today but also in future.

The advantages of VOCANTO for training and educational facilities at a glance:

Gain a convincing edge in positioning

You can build up a good reputation and ensure that companies and businesses trust you and your training methods.

Provides a transparent overview

You can check that all your training participants are all on the same uniform level of knowledge.

Make adjustments which are target-group-specific

With the aid of statistics pooled from multiple facilities, you can fine-tune your offering.

Take the opportunity now and see for yourself the advantages of VOCANTO for industry-wide training facilities.

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