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Why use VOCANTO?

No desire to plough through pages of books at your desk on a warm summer day? VOCANTO gives you the possibility to learn anywhere and anytime. Take advantage of your time on the train or on the bus to just quickly work through a couple of questions. Learning with interactive animations is just a lot more fun than with books.

Learning interactively

Do you learn more by doing than by studying theory? Play with the images of the machinery, take them apart and study them in detail.

Learn while you are on the road

With your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can access all the material anywhere and anytime.
Using an iPad, you can use the VOCANTO App from the store.

Available soon:

Learn together in a study group

In VOCANTO you can start study groups with your friends. In these groups you can support each other while learning and clear up questions faster.

Learning the easy way

Every subject poses new challenges for you. The better you are at completing the assignments, the more gold medals you can collect.