Самый лучший метод для обучения и повышения квалификации!

VOCANTO является символом эффективного и инновационного обучения и усвоения сложных для восприятия тем. VOCANTO как платформа электронного обучения позволяет усвоить как широкие, так и глубокие теоретические знания с помощью интерактивных 3D-моделей, а также предоставляет возможность идеальной подготовки к экзамену - и все это по разным специальностям профессионального обучения. Благодаря этому VOCANTO обеспечивает улучшенные результаты экзаменов и учебных работ.

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Nine out of ten academies now use e-learning.

Academies are noted for their high standards of methodology and teaching. This is why they are also well suited to VOCANTO.

A booking is made every 65 minutes by a publicly listed company.

VOCANTO is the first learning platform that will truly inspire your employees and trainees. A smart user interface, cleverly devised learning functions, a whole host of courses with practice-related content, usable anywhere and with any end device. And it can be rolled out worldwide within a few hours. With your content or ours.

Make sensible use of the presence of apprentices

We take care of your apprentices and trainees. VOCANTO maps out the entire learning programmes for more than 13 occupational requiring training. Easy-to-understand content, which can be accessed online at any time, will quickly equip your apprentices for working life and make them valued members of the workforce.

Manage classes & identify students' progress

Professional instructors combine the advantages of analogue learning with the diverse possibilities of digital learning. Everyone benefits as a result: learners, businesses and academies. Teachers have a liking for methodology and the science of teaching, which is why they are so keen on VOCANTO.

Leave others behind by joining us in the fast lane!

"We create an effective link between the classroom and the digital world of learning and pave the way for students to achieve more success through innovative educational concepts. You will find that the penny drops mega quick with VOCANTO – and that’s a promise! We work with you to get to grips with any problem subjects so you can excel with high grades. And do so at minimal effort and expense, in a fun way, alongside experts who are always there to answer your individual questions.

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What is VOCANTO?

From small companies to huge corporations, from trainee to teacher: VOCANTO stands for the effective and innovative learning and teaching of complex material. Our e-learning platform is clearly and intuitively structured and uses 3D models to provide simple and easy-to-understand visualisations of examination topics in various professional training programs. We make sure that your students and trainees quickly learn the relevant systems and processes needed in your company as quickly as possible and achieve better test and work results, thus becoming valuable members of your team.

Clients and partners:

1. Good timing One topic is covered in only 10-15 minutes. These brief learning units not only motivate, they also maximise potential for success.
2. Fully digital We explain highly complicated topics using simple 3D animations. These stimulate the imagination and ensure a better grasp of the material.
3. Better organised VOCANTO is also easy to handle for people not that well-versed in IT. With a few clicks, results are called up or learning groups set up.
4. Immediate feedback The trainee knows whether the questions were answered correctly immediately after each respective learning unit. There are medals awarded for many of the correct answers.

Latest material to be successful:

Let yourself be inspired by the wide variety of learning units and take a look at the latest animations in the area of electrical engineering/electronics and automotive technology.

The advantages of VOCANTO at a glance

VOCANTO for industry
  • Organise the students into groups and adapt and adjust the learning material as appropriate
  • Implement further education and advanced training measures for your trainees and staff
  • Maintaining report booklets is easy on mobile devices
VOCANTO For centralised or inter-company training facilities
  • Establish yourself as the place to go in your sector
  • Get all participants on the same level of knowledge
  • Statistics pooled from multiple facilities allow you to fine-tune your offering.
VOCANTO For trade and industry
  • Keep track of trainees' learning progress at all times
  • Boost motivation with short learning units of 10-15 minutes
  • Organisational work simplified thanks to the fully integrated report booklet
Leave others behind by joining us in the fast lane!
  • Optimise instruction preparation in accordance with a general syllabus
  • Students receive better support thanks to individual reporting
  • Boost motivation with interactive learning units and animations
Manage classes & identify students' progress
  • Optimise instruction preparation in accordance with a general syllabus
  • Students receive better support thanks to individual reporting
  • Boost motivation with interactive learning units and animations

VOCANTO - one solution for all requirements

Our innovative e-learning platform was especially designed to equally serve the specific demands of all the different target groups. The learning units are designed so that complex learning material can be internalised faster - and this ultimately benefits not only the trainees but also teachers and companies alike.

See for yourself what advantages VOCANTO has to offer you.

Test our intuitive e-learning platform and discover how we use well-conceived animations to break down complex material to make it easier to understand.

Give it a try now