More than a digital learning platform

We accompany you during the introduction

Benefit from the experience of our training experts during your first steps with VOCANTO. We are always at your side to provide you with optimal support and relief. At the start, of course, but also afterwards. At any time.


Your way with us

Started in four steps


    Roadmap and

    We identify your goal and define the roadmap to get there. We provide you with all the documents your internal committees need. And it's all ISO-certified.

    Road map and checklist



    We guide you step by step through the VOCANTOverse. In this way, you can relax and discover the many possibilities for transforming your training into a true talent factory.



    Onboarding for

    We pick up your trainers in special workshops and make them fit for the digital training and learning world.

    Onboarding for trainers


    Onboarding for

    We show your trainees personally how they can learn optimally with VOCANTO and how they can improve themselves continuously.

    Onboarding for trainees

What happens after the introduction?

We want you to be as enthusiastic as possible about VOCANTO. That's why we accompany you throughout and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We also offer regular in-depth training courses. You want to know what the support looks like exactly?

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Tested by leading trainers

What our customers say about the introduction of VOCANTO

“I was maximally enthusiastic about you from day 1. What I really liked from the beginning was simply the professionalism. You have an incredibly high level of service and if I have something on my mind, there are so many people there for me and I feel very, very well taken care of with each individual.”

Manuel Schicke – Leiter Ausbildung & Personalentwicklung, Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
Andreas Wolter
Master Trainer Ausbildung, TARGOBANK

“The mentoring is consistently intensive and whenever we have a desire or express ideas, we quickly come together and develop solutions together.”

Andreas Wolter – Master Trainer Ausbildung, TARGOBANK
Manuel Schicke
Head of Training & Human Resources Development, Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg

“I find the exchange extraordinary: you provide valuable input and ingenious food for thought, you are extremely professional and reliable.”

Jessica Kurtz – Sparkasse Hilden-Ratingen-Velbert
Jessica Kurtz
Sparkasse Hilden-Ratingen-Velbert

“The cooperation with our personal contact is straightforward and pleasant.”

Emma Niehoff – Deutsche Leasing AG
Emma Niehoff
Deutsche Leasing AG

“You respond to our needs, you are fast, it's an all-round carefree package. I don't have to keep up with any official mail traffic, I can simply turn to my contact person and that's something that not only I enjoy, but also my whole team enjoys when working together.”

Torsten Ledor – Abteilungsleiter Training & Ausbildung bei TARGOBANK
Torsten Ledor
Head of Training & Education at TARGOBANK

“The colleagues from VOCANTO introduced us to the program on site and showed us the functions. The support is really very good. Everyone knows what they are talking about. They always take care of us and keep us well informed. It's simply a great collaboration!”

Günter Koch – Gewerblich-technischer Ausbilder bei RWE Power AG
Günter Koch
Industrial-technical trainer at RWE Power AG

Other trainers have had these questions

Is this something for us?

With VOCANTO, you can noticeably improve your training. Whether school deficits of the trainees are to be made up or the training is to become more digital.

What do I need VOCANTO for?
Trainers complain that students are often not ready for training. VOCANTO identifies these learning gaps and closes them systematically and playfully. So that your trainees become real specialists.
What do I get from VOCANTO as an instructor?
We take the pressure off you: You manage the training super efficiently and thus regain time for the really important activities. Our training experts regularly provide you with valuable impulses for your daily work. In addition, you are more successful in employer branding with VOCANTO, because your training is digital and modern.
Which apprenticeships does VOCANTO offer?
We cover over 40 industrial-technical and commercial apprenticeships. More are added every year.
Is my industry represented?
We are market leaders in the energy, industry, banking, insurance, information technology and retail sectors. We are also active in numerous other sectors.
Is it all about training?
Training (and the associated basic education) is our speciality. Numerous dual students also learn with us. The area of advanced and further training will soon be added.
Do I need prior knowledge to introduce VOCANTO?
No. We accompany you from day 1 during the introduction, so that you are relieved to the maximum.
Is your offer at all suitable for us as an SME?
Absolutely. In addition to large corporations, many medium-sized companies and SMEs also use our solutions successfully. Together we determine the best setup for you and your training.
What internal committees will I need?
That depends entirely on the company. The board of directors/CEO, works council, IT, legal and/or data protection are often involved. We have already prepared the documents for you, that are necessary for all stakeholders.
Who do I have to deal with at your company?
You always have a permanent contact person with whom you can get in touch at any time. Of course, you can also contact our support team.
I hear a lot of good things about working with you. Why?
Many highlight two aspects: our superior quality and the people who work for VOCANTO. These are all fine personalities who, on top of that, have real educational and technical expertise. That goes down well!
Does VOCANTO need to be installed on our servers?
No, no installations are necessary. Access is via a browser or via the app. Naturally data protection compliant and ISO-certified.
How soon can we start?
We are ready to go at any time. If you give us the green light in the morning, all trainees and trainers are activated by noon.
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More than ten years ago, we set out to improve the reputation of dual training in Germany, to take training in companies to the next level, and to make learning as easy as possible for trainees. We look forward to writing the next chapter with you.