Playfully develop real professionals

VOCANTO is the leading learning platform for commercial and industrial-technical trainees.

Developed by training experts. To prepare trainees and relieve trainers.

VOCANTO von Ausbildungsexperten entwickelt
VOCANTO ist die führende LernplattformVOCANTO ist die führende Lernplattform
VOCANTO ist die führende Lernplattform für kaufmännische und gewerblich-technische AzubisMit VOCANTO Spielerisch echte Fachkräfte entwickeln

On the market since 2013

We are market leader

Trust the multi-award winning digital learning specialist in vocational education.
Like 2,000+ other companies already do.

Apprenticed professions
Corporate customers
better grades

The digital path to specialist knowledge

Even complex content is explained in an understandable and practical way. Your trainees will love it. And playfully become real specialists.

High quality learning content
Development according to IHK framework curriculum. Interactive animations and simulations. Thousands of learning videos and practice questions.
Tutorial learning support
Technical and training experts answer all trainees' questions. Anytime.
Didactic concept
Suitable for the entire training. Learning motivation through gamification. Significantly improved grades.
Networked learning
Organization in learning groups. Cross-departmental and cross-site learning. Development of own content and learning paths.
Administration & Privacy
DSGVO compliant, ISO certified.

VOCANTO is worth it

Your trainees will love it and your trainers will be excited. That's a promise!

    Gain more time for what's really important.

    Learning with VOCANTO gives you time to focus on practical learning.

    Less administrative effort.

    With us, you effectively streamline and digitize your learning processes and reduce manual activities.

    Less administrative effort.

    Easily keep the overview.

    From now on, you always know what your trainees are already able to do and how you can support them in the best way possible.

    Easily keep the overview.

Learning videos, interactive 3D animations, IHK exercises and tutorial support

Experience the VOCANTOverse, our unique learning world

VOCANTO not only offers the right apprenticeships for you, but also delivers them to you in the highest quality. And in different formats to match your trainees current status. See for yourself!

Subject areas according to ABB
Learning units
Learning videos
Interactive animations
Questions in the learning units
PAL standard exam questions

VOCANTO - getting better grades while having fun with digital learning

To learn? With success.

Behind VOCANTO is a sophisticated learning concept that optimally challenges and supports trainees. We simplify learning so that the penny drops quickly. This keeps trainees motivated and improves their grades by an average of 10%.

Screenshot einer Lerneinheit bei Vocanto
Gamification - motivated by play.
A sense of achievement through XP and medals, rankings, learning games and competitions provide learning variety
Learning groups - knowledge brought together
Virtual classroom, invite learners via email or QR code, peer-to-peer learning.
Learning success - evaluations in detail.
Keeping an eye on all trainees at all times, recognizing strengths and deficits as well as current key topics.
Exam preparation - sustainable learning success.
Exam questions according to PAL standard and 6-phase learning system
Learning paths - controlling learning processes.
Learning paths according to learning fields of the vocational school, individual creation of learning paths from building blocks.
Report book - simple documentation and acceptance.
Simplified processes with online approval, comments and notifications for better collaboration

You are interested in VOCANTO?
We are here for you.

    Getting to know each other

    We check together what you need and how we can support you.

    VOCANTO Kickstart Program.

    Take your first steps in the VOCANTOverse, guided by us.

    Onboarding for trainers and trainees.

    We present VOCANTO in workshops and help you with the implementation.

We want to inspire customers, not merely satisfy them.

We love training and already support more than 2,000 companies from various industries in making their training future-oriented and attractive.

Industrial-technical trainer at RWE Power AG

VOCANTO is a company with a clear vision. The support is really very good. Everyone knows what they are talking about. VOCANTO is definitely a relief for us trainers and I can no longer imagine training without it.

Günter Koch

Industrial-technical trainer at RWE Power AG

Industrial-technical trainer at RWE Power AG
Master Trainer Training at TARGOBANK

Andreas Wolter

Master Trainer Training at TARGOBANK

Master Trainer Training at TARGOBANK
Head of Training & Human Resources Development at Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg

Manuel Schicke

Head of Training & Human Resources Development at Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg

Head of Training & Human Resources Development at Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg
Team Leader Electrical at RWE Power AG

Thomas Lahey

Team Leader Electrical at RWE Power AG

Team Leader Electrical at RWE Power AG

All devices, one platform

VOCANTO is a cloud-based learning platform. Of course it is available on all devices, so that trainees can learn when and where they want: on their smartphone on the road, on their desktop PC at work, or on their tablet in the evening. And if you want, you can use the VOCANTO app for iOS or Android.

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Google Play

What questions do you still have?
What can we do for you and your trainees?

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