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General questions

A licence authorizes you to access training material from VOCANTO. Each licence applies to one particular user for a duration of one month and grants access to a continually expanding range of learning units, plus practical modules, test preparation and an online record book.
  • To be able to write you an offer which is customized to your needs, we would like to discuss with you your individual circumstances. Please give us a call so we can find the best solution for your business.
  • ULTIMATE: This is a trainer licence, which enables to create own content in VOCANTO. It also gives you access to all the content included in your apprentices vocational training.
    • View the learning progress: See the learning progress of groups as well as of individuals.
    • Displaying any specific deficits arising in a group: You can see any problems in leraning groups so that you can respond accordingly.
    • Create learning units according to your own needs and requirements.
    • You can create a learning unit in various languages without the need to create a new learning unit for each language.
  • Vocational: This licences give access to the vocation specific content in VOCANTO.
    • VOCANTO offers trainig for over 20 professions in the following areas:
      • electrical technology
      • information technology
      • metal technology
      • automotive technology
      • business
      • finance
      • trade
    • You can find a detailed list of all vocational training including the fields of specialisation offered :
    • warehouse technology
    • trade
    • finance
    • And more...
    Our content is created based on the respective IHK (German chamber of commerce and industry) framework plan. In all of the vocational training we offer, new content is regularly published and existing learning units are updated. In the lerning units, you acquire the theoretical knowledge. In the practical exercises, you can then apply that in a practical way, on very specific cases. Practical exercises can be found in the summary of courses under the heading “Practical exercises”. No, the learning units provided by VOCANTO are copyrighted intellectual property. Reproduction and dissemination of that material is legally prohibited and punishable by law. No, the user who has set up the VOCANTO account and paid the subscription fees by whatever means (i.e. the ‘account holder’) has sole access to and control over the VOCANTO account. To ensure control over the account and prevent unauthorised access, the account holder must always maintain control over the VOCANTO-compatible equipment used to access the service and must not share the password or the details of the chosen payment method with any third parties. Yes, there is a message function within every learning unit. That way you can send us your questions. Our team of experts is happy to explain everything in detail. VOCANTO can be used with all current browsers. We recommend the Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. VOCANTO can run with any operating system.
    • Please write us message directly via the message function within the learning unit you are referring to. The message should include the following information:
      • What browser are you using?
      • What operating system are you using?
      • Have you accessed the learning unit via Wi-Fi, LAN or mobile data?
    You can access VOCANTO from any web-enabled device. All you need is a current browser. VOCANTO is an online platform, so you can access VOCANTO from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. The minimum data communication rate you need is 5 Mbit/s. Although, in order to avoid long loading times we recommend a faster connection. The internet connection needs to be at least 5 Mbit/s.Although, in order to avoid long loading times we recommend a faster connection. The record book function allows you to document in detail what you did on each day of your training, how long you spent learning, what assignments or work you did and the times you started and finished.
    • The test preparation function allows you to simulate an actual test or exam and practice for it.
    • Every question you answer correctly proceeds to Phase 1. If you answer this same question correctly again, it will move forward to Phase 2. This continues until you reach Phase 6. Once all the questions have arrived at Phase 6, you will be perfectly prepared for any test or exam.

    Booking and payment

    • You can pay via credit card or direct debit.
    • There are no hidden or additional costs in VOCANTO. You only pay the subscription fee.
    • Please check your inbox. It may be that the e-mail from VOCANTO has been redirected to your spam folder.
    • If you can't find the e-mail in your spam folder either, please get in touch with the VOCANTO support team via “ Contact ”.
    There is no cancellation period for business clients as they already select the end date of their subscriptions in the booking process. The VOCANTO subscription for private clients starts on the day it is purchased and goes for a month (e.g., the 5th of January to the 5th of Feburary). If you don't cancel your subscription before the last day of that 30-day period, the subscription will be extended automatically for another month.
    • Purchasing: Until further notice, the booking of VOCANTO is reserved exclusively for business customers. We would very much like to convince your training management to provide you with an account. After consultating with your training management, please give us their contact details (ideally the name of the company, email address, telephone number and the number of aprentices). We are sure that we can inspire your company with VOCANTO and that you will soon be able to start studying.
    • Extending: There's no need to extend your subscription. It will renew automatically every 30 days.
    • Canceling: To cancel your existing subscription, please go to the section "Subscription" in your profile and click the orange button "Cancel subscription"

    My account

    • The security of your data is of vital importance to us. Throughout the log-in procedure and for as long as you are using VOCANTO, we will always provide a secure (SSL) connection to our server. This will encode all the data communicated to or from the server.
    • Please check whether you have typed in your e-mail address and password correctly. Is maybe CAPS lock activated?
    • Please click "Login" and then "Forgot your password?".
    • If you still have difficulties, please get in touch with the VOCANTO support team via “ Contact ”.
    • Please log in at
    • Click your profile image or user name and then click “My Profile”.
    • Alter changing the settings, please don't forget to click “Save”.
    • Please open your profile. On the lower right side you will find the point "Delete VOCANTO Account".
    • .

    My subscription

    • Please log in at
    • Then please click your user name.
    • Please click “Subscription”. As a business client you will see start and end date of your subscription. As a private client you will only see the start date as your subscription will be extended monthly. Only when you cancel your subscription, you will also see the end date.
    The subscription for private clients will be extended automatically every 30 days. If you bought your subscription e.g. on January 13, it will be extended for another month on Feburary 13, then again on March 13 and so on. Please go to your profile and open the part "Subscription". There you can click the button "Cancel Subscription". This is only valid for private customers because business customers select the end date of their subscriptions already in the booking process. The subscription cannot be paused.
    • All invoices will be sent to you by e-mail.
    • You can also find your invoices in your profile under “Subscription”.
    For private clients: You can simply cancel your subscription. For business clients: The revocation period is fourteen days from the date of conclusion of contract. You can still use your VOCANTO account until the 30 day period of your subscription is over. After that you continue to have the option to log into your account.


    • VOCANTO’s contents are thorougly assembled by a large number of experts and are then lovingly illustrated and animated by graphic designers. All the learning units are checked and tested multiple times before beeing published as well as being cross-referenced with the latest technical literature. The VOCANTO team strives to provide fascinating content, which is interestingly taught and easy to understand.
    • Should you still find an error, please get in touch with the VOCANTO support team via the message function, which can be found in every learning unit. That way our support team knows exactly which lerning unit and question you are referring to.

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